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About the company

AM Plastics d.o.o. is a technologically advanced Slovenian company that deals with the following services:

  • Complex and precise manufacturing of products by injection molding of plastic
  • Production of moulds
  • Production of prototypes using a 3D printer
  • Maintenance and storage of moulds
  • Optimal material selection and product manufacturing process
  • Packaging, storage and delivery
  • Assembly of semi-finished products
  • Different product finishing at customer’s request

Why choose us?

AM Plastics works according to the way of sustainable development. We strive for satisfied customers, taking into account the highest quality, environmental and personnel standards.

Our advantages:

  • 60 years of experience with injection moulding
  • From idea to product
  • Modern equipment and the latest technology
  • Product quality control in all steps of production
AM plastics